Monday, May 14, 2007

Good (and not so good) Eating in Japan

Well, Jason and I were absolutely thrilled when we found chocolate-frosted donuts at the bakery down the street. It wasn't quite Krispy Kreme's, but it did the trick. Jason gave us a laugh with his technique for eating his donut. He started at the top, eating every bit that had frosting on it, leaving the rest on his plate.

At least once a week, Jared comes home craving some serious American food. The closest we've found is at TGI Friday's. We've been there three times in the past three weeks. Jason loves it because they always give him balloons, crayons, and coloring pages. The staff there knows us (and our order) quite well now. In fact, I wish we had gone there the other night. Jared thought it might be fun to try this little restaurant on the corner by our apartment. Big mistake. First of all, the menu was all in Japanese, so I had no idea what any of it said. But it turned out to be a Korean restaurant, so Jared wasn't familiar with anything on the menu, either. So he talked with the waitress a bit, and we ended up ordering pork and crab. Both dishes came cold. The pork was nothing but chunks of skin, fat, and bone. Ew. The crab was uncooked, though covered in a spicy red sauce. We tried really hard, but just couldn't get any of it down.

Back home, Jason's typical lunch was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. However, both peanut butter and bread are expensive and hard to find here, so we've been having a lot of ramen lunches. Jason especially loves it because it gives him a chance to test out his new Thomas the Train chopsticks.

It would seem we aren't the only ones that feast daily in our apartment. Jason's been devoured by mosquitoes this week. He's got three HUGH bites on his cheek, and another two on his right arm. We've had to cover them with bandaids to keep him from picking and scratching at them. Jared's also gotten quite a few bites, but I only had one. It would seem they don't like me as much. Not that I'm complaining!

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