Saturday, August 25, 2007

Career Choices

Lately, Jason seems to be exploring his options for his later career. Here's what he's come up with so far: President of the Thomas the Tank Engine Fan Club. I'm sure this one comes as a surprise to very few.

Architect. Jason's been having lots of fun building out of Legos. After building this grand structure, he hauled me into his room and proudly announced that he had built the temple. Awww.

Artist. I think it runs in the family.

Pirate. He's been running through the house wearing an eyepatch, carrying a sword, and growling, "Arrrgh!" ever since his buddy Jake's 5th birthday party. (They had a pirate theme, and Jason was ALL over it.)

Cowboy. He loves riding his bouncing horse off into the sunset... or at least down the hall.

Other careers he seems to be considering are: Jedi Knight (though he also talks about going to the Dark Side), and stunt double (he's been falling down the stairs on purpose thinking it's hilarious). It'll certainly be an adventure to see what he does next!

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Kristen said...

Hey...what are you doing these days? Are you in Japan again? A little info here!