Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Specs and Speeches

Well, I'm officially a Ticking Time Bomb. I've got about 2 1/2 weeks to go until my due date, and I get more and more uncomfortable by the instant. We had our last doctor's visit on Friday, so here's the latest ultrasound photo. Look! Hayden's doing her Angelina Jolie impression! It looks like she's inherited Jared's rubber lips. We also discovered that she's a thumb-sucker, or at least a finger sucker. We could tell she was sucking one of her digits, but it was a bit difficult to determine which one it was.

This weekend, Jason also had his first primary appearance. He was assigned to give the scripture and prayer this Sunday. He was so excited, and just about every 15 seconds from the time we entered the primary room he'd ask, "Is it my turn yet?" Well, it was finally his turn, and he got up and read his scripture (very loudly, I might add), and said his prayer. He looked so grown up! He loved it so much that we found out after church that he's volunteered to give a talk next Sunday. Maybe we should get this kid into politics.

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Stacy Russon said...

that is hilarious that he volunteered to give a talk, (until you realize you have to plan it)! I love that boy, he always cracks me up...