Saturday, February 14, 2009

Golden Gate Bridge

Our first family outing in... forever! We took the kids to see the Golden Gate Bridge. I first told Jason about it a few weeks ago while we were crossing the Dumbarton Bridge on our way to Palo Alto. He was making such a big deal about the bridge that I asked him if he wanted to see a really big bridge. Of course, that made him even more excited, and he'd been asking to see Golden Gate ever since. So we made a day of it, and Jason was not disappointed. He was thrilled by the size of the bridge, and would have liked to stand all day looking at it. He called Pappy as we were driving over the bridge, just to tell him where he was. We bought him a map of San Francisco at the gift shop, and he studied it all the way home, telling us about everything there was in San Francisco. It was a fun day.

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