Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Newest Cover Girl

Have you heard? Cover Girl has a fresh, new face to encourage you to buy their products! Her name is Hayden Hale. That's right, my daughter is the new spokesmodel for their Outlast Lip Color. Today she proved that stuff simply won't kiss off. It won't kiss off, rub off, wash off, or wear off. It won't come off. Period. I've tried everything I can think of (that I can use safely on her face): baby wipes, soap and water on a washcloth, makeup remover, baby lotion, baby oil.... I even rubbed her face down with ChapStick because that's what I use to remove longwearing lipstick from my lips. Well, it works great on lips. Not so well on baby faces... and necks... and striped sweater dresses. It's now almost 11:00 pm here in the Hale Household. Hayden is thankfully asleep, but she's still sporting her Cover Girl war paint. Maybe that's their new concept: makeup you only have to apply once a week.


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