Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The Easter Bunny came early to our house this year because of our crazy travel plans. I was heading off to my parents' house to escape being home alone with the kids while Jared spent a week in Belgium. I know. He went to Belgium. Without me. And he didn't even bring me anything but chocolate, which I specifically asked him not to do. I've only begun to think about forgiving him. But anyway, back to Easter. The Easter Bunny was good to the kids this year, bringing them both a Sesame Street gardening kit so they could both help Mommy & Daddy out in the garden. This may be a good or a bad thing, since both kids love helping, especially when it involves digging in the dirt, and pulling weeds (or if you're Hayden, pulling the carefully transplanted seedlings M & D worked so hard to grow). Hayden's basket also included a Hello Kitty candy lipstick. I don't know if you recall, but she has a certain fascination with lipstick, so this was a big hit. I love how she puckers to put it on, but discreetly sticks her tongue between her teeth and applies it there instead of on her lips.
The Easter Bunny also hid Easter Eggs throughout the house while we were out buying bookshelves at IKEA. That clever bunny. I was surprised that both my kids got so into this. I mean with Jason, it's a given. But I wasn't sure how Hayden would respond. She wasn't very good at the finding, so Daddy helped, but everything else about it excited her: finding the egg, putting it in her basket, throwing them on the floor to disperse their contents... Exhilarating!