Sunday, August 06, 2006

Day Out with Thomas

This past weekend Jared and I took Jason to Roaring Camp to spend a Day Out with Thomas the Train. He had such a blast. He got to see Thomas and take a ride on him through the mountains, and even take a picture with Thomas. There was also a gift shop there, and we of course ended up coming home with plenty of Thomas souvenirs. Jason also really enjoyed looking at all the cool train track set-ups that were on display. There was even a life-size Thomas built entirely out of Legos!

This week, my brother Doug and my sister Tracy came to visit us. Jason just loves them to death. He especially loves his Tracy, who he just couldn't seem to give enough kisses to. He really enjoyed introducing them to his favorite Playstation game, "Karaoke Revolutions." He loves to sing Joan Jett's "I Love Rock & Roll." And he'll tell anyone who'll listen that he likes foxy ladies and ROCK AND ROLL! Jason also learned how to spell his name this week. He can also spell Dad, Mom, and Papa (that's what he calls Jared's dad).

Today was a sad day, however, our best friends, the DeLange family, moved to Chicago. Jason is going to miss his buddy, Tyler, so much! They're such good friends! But we're hoping we'll get to go out and visit them soon! And just so she knows, I did this blog just to get Kristen off my back! Only kidding, Kristen! You know I love you!



Kristen said...

Yes!!!! You have a blog! You better keep blogging so we can be blogging buddies! I hope you guys are doing well. We miss you so much!

Sandra Hale said...

Suzanne, you did a great job with this blog! I am very impressed with the pictures and what you wrote! We miss you all very much and hope you can come back soon! Luv U! Mom H.