Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fun in Oregon

Last week we took a trip up to West Linn, Oregon to visit Jared's family. We had a great time. Jason especially loved visiting with all his cousins (he's got seventeen of them)! It was the first time in a long time he's gotten to see all of them because the Whiteley-Ross family live far, far away in Chicago. So it was great to get to play with Michael, Cassandra, Alex, and Katie. For Alex's birthday, Aunt Sherry took all the kids for a horseback riding lesson. I didn't really expect Jason to participate, since he's just barely three. I thought he'd be a little afraid of the horses. Boy, was I wrong. As soon as Jason saw the horses, he wanted in that arena with them. He just loved them to death. He patted them, and kissed them, and praised them. With Mommy's help, he walked them around the arena while his cousins rode, and then he got a few turns to ride the horses himself. He was so sad when the lesson was over and it was time to say goodbye to the horses. Ever since, he asks every day when we'll get to go see the horses again.

While in Oregon, we stayed with the Haymore family. When we arrived, we found a great big set-up of train tracks all around the living room, and Ethan asleep in a chair. Aunt Lisa told us that Ethan had stayed up late to create the tracks for Jason, because he knew how much Jason loves trains. Thanks, Ethan! Jason played with that track for hours every day we were there. He also had fun playing outside on the Haymore's play structure with Zach, Ethan, and Ryan. He really loved the swings.

Another fun thing we did a lot of in Oregon was KARAOKE! Jared is addicted to this PlayStation game called Karaoke Revolutions, so he brought it with him to Oregon. Well, it was a huge hit with everyone. The grandkids really loved it. Cassandra and Kristen became experts at singing "Fame," while Uncle Lant favored "Material Girl." (Go figure.) Jason's old favorite of course, was "I Love Rock & Roll."

We also celebrated Grandma Hale's 65th birthday while we were there. Jason kept singing "Happy Birthday," all week. He's such a spirited little thing! He sure loves his Grandma. He dazzled her by spelling her name for her countless t

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