Sunday, July 01, 2007

Pool? Party!

Getting Jason to take a bath is not one of the easiest things to do, but he has quite the pool party once he's in the tub. Thanks to some cool Japanese bath salts we discovered, he always has colored bath water (usually purple). Then he'll play for an hour or more if we let him, and he insists on filling the tub completely to the top. He won't get out until he's good and wrinkled. I think he's really going to miss the Japanese bathtubs when we come home in 2 weeks.
This weekend, we had Peter and Miki Withers over for dinner. At Peter's request, we prepared a Mexican feast. As you can imagine, you don't get much Mexican food in Japan. It was quite a challenge tracking down all the ingredients, and I had to get creative with some of the recipes. But everything turned out really well. We had enchiladas, Mexican rice, sweet corn cake, and fried ice cream. Almost everything was made from scratch, which I've never done before with a meal like this. But Peter and Miki seemed to really enjoy it.
After dinner, Miki kept eyeing a puzzle we'd started on our coffee table, so we all gathered to complete it. I've never attempted a more complicated puzzle. It was 500 pieces, and the picture was of a very detailed stained-glass window. It took forever. It was nearly 10:00 before we'd finished. But finish we did! Hail the conquering heroes!

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Kristen said...

Dude, I love the bathtub. Good luck on getting him to take a bath in the states. We miss you guys and wish we could do a puzzle with you too.