Tuesday, August 26, 2008

End of the Summer

Hi everybody! Well, the summer has officially ended for the Hale Family. Jason started kindergarten on Monday, and has been so excited about it. It sounds like he's already making friends (he keeps talking about DJ, his friend from school), and he's already had 2 nights of homework. I know! Homework for a kindergartener, and on the first day of school, no less.

We said goodbye to the summer over the weekend with an almost all-expenses paid visit to the circus, care of Jared's work. Jason wasn't so sure about it at first, and as we approached the HP Pavillion, kept insisting that he didn't want to see any elephants, that they scared him. But once things were rolling, he really got into it. He clapped and shouted along with everything, laughed at the clowns, woohoo'd for the stunt devils, and even LAUGHED at the elephants. It was kinda hard not to. I don't know what they're feeding those things, but it didn't seem to be agreeing with them during the performance. There were 7 elephants, and each one of them dropped a load at least twice. We didn't know whether to watch the elephants, or the men in uniform frantically chasing after the animals with snow-shovels, trying to catch each pile as it dropped. As for me, after the circus, I haven't been able to watch a Verizon commercial without laughing. It may not have been THAT funny, but remember, I am pregnant. One of the clowns lured a spectator out into the arena by stealing her cell phone. Just as she approached to retrieve it, he threw it into his voluminous trousers, then hollered into them: "Can you hear me now?" I thought it was pretty funny, anyway.

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Hey Suzanne!!!
I just recently started our family blog and was searching aroung to see who I could find, and guess what, FOUND YOU! Anyway I totally have you all linked up on my blog so I can stalk your blog, hope thats OK. Anyway it'll be fun to keep up with you guys!
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