Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Arrival

Well, she's finally here. Hayden Felicity Hale arrived on Sunday, August 31 at 8:55 pm after 26 hours of labor. Yeah, it was long, but compared to my labor with Jason, which lasted 47 hours, it was a vast improvement. She weighed in at 6 pounds 15 ounces and was 21 inches long. And did I mention that she is SO CUTE! We were especially thrilled that my family was able to come up on the spur of the moment. As soon as my mom and my sister Tracy (who had given birth to a baby boy 3 days earlier) found out I was in labor, they piled everyone in the car and drove the 6 hours from So Cal. They made it to the hospital about 7 hours before Hayden was born, so my mom was able to be in the delivery room with me, which was great because as much as I love him, Jared wasn't much help in that area. Dad, Jenn, Jason, Tracy, & her new baby Noah joined us just moments after Hayden was born to celebrate. I wish they could have stayed longer. They had to go back home just hours after Hayden and I arrived home from the hospital.
Hayden is an incredibly sweet little baby. She loves to snuggle with Mommy and Daddy and to watch wide-eyed as her big brother gazes back at her. She's just the most precious thing, and we feel so lucky to have her in our family. Jason is also loving being a big brother, and tells everyone just how cute his baby sister is. We did have a few days when he seemed to be tired of her. He insisted a few times that it was time to take her back to Dr. Weber. He also announced one day that "Hayden is not beautiful. She has no teeth. She has no hair. I think she looks like a chipmunk." Of course, I think he got that from a book he'd been reading. We also had a laugh the other night when Hayden was making some cute noises while we were eating dinner. Jared suggested to Jason that she was talking to him. But Jason couldn't be fooled. "Babies don't talk," he said matter-of-factly, "they only cry and poop!" I guess he told Jared!


Damitz Family said...

Congratulations Hales! She's absolutely beautiful. (So beautiful she's making my ovaries twitch, I swear!) I'm so glad she's finally here and things went well. Enjoy NOT being on bedrest!

Sara said...

Congrat's on the gorgeous baby girl! I am glad to hear that things are going well. What a beautiful family!

Stacy Russon said...

Oh she is so cute, and I am sooo beyond thrilled for you. What a little miracle from heaven. I was just thinking about you and Jared and how happy your family must be. She will add so much joy to your family.

love, Stacy

Brandy said...

She is so beautiful! She ALMOST makes me want to have another one.