Tuesday, November 18, 2008

October Rocks!

Well, it's been awhile since I've updated, but it has just been CA-razy at the Hale home. October was a fun month. Jared took our very own Spiderman (aka Jason) on his first rock-climbing adventure. To everyone's surprise, Jason freaked out once he was all harnessed in and ready to go. So Jared did the first climb, and afterwards Jason loosened up and hit the wall. After that, he was hooked. They went again the following weekend, and every Saturday since, Jason has announced that it's time to go rock-climbing.

Our ward had their Halloween Party the night before Halloween this year, so Jason got 2 nights worth of candy (which he still hasn't made a dent in). He had an absolute blast at the party, going trick-or-treating, having his face painted, and listening to fun Halloween stories around a faux campfire. Then, to complete the Halloween mood, the power went out in the whole church, leaving it totally dark. The only light we had to help us finish cleaning up and get out were some battery-operated tea lights I had brought, which wasn't very helpful. It only illuminated a 2-inch radius.

On Halloween itself, Jason pretty much partied all day. First, they had the Halloween party at school, where the kids paraded around the campus in their costumes, sang Halloween songs, and played games all afternoon long. Jason dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow, although his teachers thought he was Paul Revere. I guess the costume could work both ways. As for Hayden, she was a polar bear. It actually ended up being too warm for her to wear her costume, though. We were still able to get some cute pictures of her with her cousin Noah, who dressed up as a brown bear, a few days before Halloween. Anyway, after school on Halloween, we met Jared at the mall for more trick-or-treating. It was PACKED! It's just another reason I need a house - so I can have an actual neighborhood to take the kids trick-or-treating in.

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Stacy Russon said...

so we are finally in a neighborhood and still didn't have many trick or treaters, I'm thinking... where are all the children? When I was a kid the streets were lined with eager trick or treaters, maybe parents just don't think its safe anymore, who knows...