Friday, October 10, 2008

Discovery Weekend

Every now and then, my dad gets a teaching gig up here in San Jose. We love being able to see him and hang out whenever he's here. Lucky for us, Dad got 2 in a row, so he's been here the last two weeks! Making things even better, my mom came up for the weekend in between, and we had all kinds of fun. We discovered a fantastic new restaurant just a few blocks from our house. It's called Strizzi's, for all my Fremont friends. Me, Dad, and Mom also took Jason to the Children's Discovery Museum on Saturday afternoon. It was a blast. Jason kept running back and forth, unable to decide what to do next because it all was so cool. He really liked this moving bridge that they had. Of course, it took a lot of effort to move it, but between Jason, his Nonna, & Pappy, they got it going. Nonna even got some air. I think I got a pretty good picture of that. Jason also loved their water area, where he spent a good amount of time shooting plastic balls into whirlpools and other cool gadgets. We'll definitely have to go there again.

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