Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nonna & Pappy are SO FUN!

Whew! July has been a BUSY month! We started it out at Grandma & Papa's in Portland, and then almost as soon as we got back home, we were on the road again, this time to Nonna & Pappy's house in southern California. We stayed there a little over a week. We celebrated Jason's birthday... again (3 times total, what a lucky kid!), I finished my first quilt ever, and we just had a whole lot of fun!

This is a rare moment. Jason and Hayden, both asleep... AT THE SAME TIME!

This fabulous toy kept Noah & Hayden busy for hours. Truly a godsend!

Ooh! When you're sick of playing with toys, there's nothing better than cleaning out someone's purse for them! Aren't we so thoughtful?

Helping Jason open his 3rd round of birthday gifts! Can I have a turn?

Silly Adam! I don't think those knee and elbow pads are quite your size. But that Star Wars helmet is pretty stylin'! Lookin' good, man!
Hayden & Noah just love their Nonna & Pappy!

And their Nonna sure loves them, too!
Sassy Little Girl!
My first quilt! Ain't it cute?
Both Noah & Hayden were sure to teach each other their own fun habits. Here, Hayden's shown Noah how fun it is to play with computer wires! There's nothing better!

Oh, Nonna! I love you!
Bathtime is probably Hayden & Noah's favorite time of day. However, trying to get a picture of all the kids together was complicated. So, here's Haydee...
...and here's Jason & Noah!
When we left Nonna & Pappy's, we brought Nonna home with us, and Pappy drove up a couple days later. Once they were both here, we went to see a production of "Peter Pan" together. We couldn't take pictures of the actual play, but here's Hayden, getting excited about sitting in the dark for 2 hours! She slept through most of it, butJason said he "loved the whole thing." He's been watching the movie and pretending he can fly ever since.

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