Saturday, July 25, 2009

Milestones & Fashion Faux Pas

So Sweet!
But even sweeter when covered in chocolate! Since we got home from Nonna and Pappy's house, Hayden has discovered that cabinet doors open, and even better, there are things INSIDE them! So on this particular day, I was folding some laundry when I realized that Hayden was a lot quieter than usual. So I got up to go find her. I didn't have to go far. She had settled herself at the dining room buffet, opened the cabinet where I keep baking supplies, found a bag of chocolate chips, opened it, and eaten at least a quarter of the bag (though a lot of it was smeared over my newly cleaned carpet, too)! I think it's time to baby-proof, honey...
Nothing satisfies like a snack of chocolate chips and Cheerios!

Friday night, just after bathtime, we had to run out to a friend's house. Jason already had his jammies on, but we asked him to put on a jacket because it was a bit chilly outside. This is what he came out wearing: a sports coat, flip-flops, and he'd clipped a tie to the front of his Superman Underoos. Well, maybe it's what Clark Kent would wear if he lived in California...

Today, Hayden mastered the art of drinking from a cup. I had to hold it for her at first, but after a few minutes, she'd figured it out. She's been working on this for awhile, but she's finally figured out to close her mouth around the cup and swallow! A big step for my little beauty!

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