Sunday, August 09, 2009

About Shrimp

Okay, so here's the random thoughts that entered my head today while I was preparing shrimp for tomorrow's jambalaya:

"Wow, this is really gross. I am pulling off the exoskeleton and legs, and emptying the veins of what is essentially an underwater insect. And we're going to eat this. What is the appeal of shrimp, anyway? We wouldn't do this and eat a bunch of beetles, would we? Well, maybe if we lived in some weird Indiana Jones film location... hmmm. Jambalaya, anyone?"


Sara said...

SO TRUE! You know I think that every time I prepare shrimp, but as soon as they are all cooked and smelling so sweet, I get over it-YUM!

Kim said...

I have already considered this about shrimp and don't eat them! But, do I still eat chicken with its blood vessels and fat blobs, and dimpled SKIN!? Yep. People are funny:).