Monday, September 29, 2008

Big Brother

So, I finally got a night out by myself to go to a baby shower, and Jared stayed home to watch the kids. It was about time for Hayden to eat when I left, so as I walked out the door, Jared was preparing a bottle. A few minutes after I left, I realized I'd forgotten something and turned back. When I walked in, I found Jared on the couch, doing something on his computer. Next to him was Jason, holding Hayden, propped up with a pillow, and feeding her. Way to delegate, Jared! It was so cute, and Jason is just loving being a big brother. Now, every time I sit down with Hayden and a bottle, Jason's right on top of me, begging to do it himself. He even remembers to burp her afterwards. Jared's other favorite trick is to lay Hayden down and prop the bottle between her tiny hands on top of a blanket or burp cloth. Nice, Jared.

Also this week, Jason came home from school with a big star sticker on his chest announcing that he was the "Student of the Day." He was so proud and excited, and told me at least 17 times that he was the Student of the Day! Congratulations, Jason! Awesome job!

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